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First Sunday in November - 1:00 PM CST
Sunday, November 5, 2023


Last Sunday in January - 1:00 PM CST
Sunday, January 28, 2024

Colorado Select 2nd Annual Bull Sale

Centennial Livestock Auction
Fort Collins, CO
3rd Saturday in March
1:00 PM MT, March 16, 2024


Triangle J Ranch



Line Family
Introducing Mr & Mrs Jason & Jacquelyn Line!
Creyton, Darby, Braxton, Annette, Travis, Dillan, Kiley & our 1st grandchild, Breckin Line.


Ranch History...

The Judy and Line Ranch was founded in 1887 when Roy Judy purchased land from the railroad and began raising Shorthorn cattle. A generation later, his daughter Irma and her husband Azale Line took up the family business and starting using Hereford cattle. When their son, Doug, and his wife, Dixie, took the reins, they brought in Angus cattle to produce a black white face F1 cross. The tradition continues with me, Darby, and my wife, Annette doing business as Triangle J Ranch.

We introduced Simmental to the ranch, with the initial group being made up of the old red and white spotted cows. We have4 Generations of the Line Family now transitioned to black-hided cattle to fulfill the needs of our customers. We run about 1000 head of registered cattle
(800 Simmental, 200 Angus). The bulls range from 1/2 blood Simm/Angus to purebred Simmental and Angus.  Approximately 200 yearling bulls sell on our January Sale, another 100 yearling bulls are sold by private treaty. Over 200 females are sold in November.

The Triangle J Ranch Sale is located on the family farm, 30 miles northwest of Kearney, NE. The sale is annually the last Sunday in January. Approximately 200 yearling bulls sell each year. We do all the preparations for the sale from getting the cattle ready, to preparing the sale catalog, to cooking the meal for sale day.

Commercial cattlemen are the main focus of our breeding program. Most of our customers are local, but we do have a number of  out-of-state buyers who come back year after year.
We  have also been fortunate enough to place  a number of bulls in many  of the popular bull studs.                     

We attribute our family's success to our intensive artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET) program.  In 2010 we will be transferring  over 150 embryos into our commercial cows in order to improve quality  and to meet the increasing demand for Sim\Angus genetics.

Our goal is to produce females with fleshing and milking ability that raise calves that weigh heavier at weaning. We also look for moderately framed, thick, high-performing cattle.  Most of the cattle for sale are both Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Black  and are  solid-colored.  Not only do we strive to provide our customers with more uniform cattle, but we also try to follow up with our customers after the sale.

Our oldest son Travis enjoyed livestock judging for Colby Community College and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He graduated from UNL with an Agricultural Economics degree, and is enjoying his work at First National Bank in Omaha. Dillan has been laboring on the ranch as well as attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He will student teach this fall at 2 elementary schools and the high school in Kearney. Jason, Creyton and Braxton will continue their academic, athletic and extra-curricular activities at Sumner-Eddyville-Miller (SEM).

For more than 125 years, our family has survived in central Nebraska through our commitment to our customers and breeding quality cattle. We welcome visitors any time. We would love to give you a herd tour!

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