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First Sunday in November - 1:00 PM CST
Sunday, November 5, 2023


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Sunday, January 28, 2024

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3rd Saturday in March
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We have been purchasing bulls from Triangle J Ranch since 1998. In
that time we have purchased 25 bulls and have not yet been disappointed
with the performance or longevity of the bulls. The quality of bulls runs
deep on sale day and are all raised on the Triangle J Ranch. We have come
to appreciate the calving ease, uniformity and growth that Darby's bulls
have given to our calf crop. Triangle J genetics have greatly increased our
sale day weights, returning value to our operation.
I have purchased bulls both at the sale and private treaty from Darby
and I like the fact that I can buy a bull from him over the phone and
know that he will fit our program. The bulls have a good guarantee and
are backed 100%. Darby continues to be dedicated to the commercial
cattlemen by producing moderate framed, easy fleshing cattle that
perform well. Because of the quality and performance of the bulls you
will continue to see us buying bulls from Darby every year.

Kirk & Taylor Pope
Sutton, NE
Cord, Taylor, Colt & Kirk Pope

I have purchased 15 Angus and Sim-Angus bulls from the Triangle J Ranch
since 2003 and have been pleased with the offering of moderate framed, easy
fleshing, high performing bulls that Darby and his crew have produced each year. I know as a commercial beef producer, that hybrid vigor is vital to profitability and that the complementarity of the Simmental and Angus breeds is unbeatable. I have sorted through Sim-Angus herds in a 5 state area and have found that the quality and consistency runs deeper in the Triangle J herd than any I�ve looked at. Finally, the best standard to judge seed stock producers by is their guarantee on the bulls they sell. Triangle J Ranch backs their bulls 100%! My thanks go to the Line Family for their dedication and hard work providing HIGH QUALITY Sim-Angus genetics.

Dave Hamilton
Reed Hamilton Ranch -- Thedford, NE

Dave Hamilton

We purchased our first bulls from Triangle J Ranch in 1999 and have not felt the need to purchase elsewhere since. We have been very excited with the bulls and the tremendous genetics they have brought to our program. The calm demeanor of Triangle J�s bull�s is a characteristic that probably means the most to us. We receive comments all the time on how easy our bulls are to work with.

Our calf crop has been purchased by the same feed yard for the last 7 years. We are very pleased, as is the finisher, with the high quality of the calves. We have been able to track the performance of our calves consistently to the rail and have been very pleased at how they grade. Darby has helped us improve our herd genetics and market a consistent and uniform calf crop.

Dustin, Stephanie, Kevin & Sheyanne Warboys

We would like to congratulate Darby on a tremendous job of improving the line of Simmental genetics. We are so pleased at how much Darby backs his bulls and stands behind his word. It�s not often, now days, that you find someone that handles business the right way. But, because of this you will see us at the Triangle J Ranch Production Sale whenever we need a bull. We look forward to the sale each year! Thanks Darby!

Kevin, Stephanie, Dustin & Sheyanne Warboys
Snyder, CO

We purchased our first set of Triangle J bulls 6 years ago and have been very pleased with the genetic improvement in our breeding program. Since then we have purchased more bulls and are exclusively using Triangle J bulls on our commercial crossbred cow herd.

The Simmental Angus cross bulls from Triangle J have brought much more consistency and uniformity to our calf crop. This exceptional performance, both on grass and in the feedlot, return more value to our cattle operation. Having the opportunity to market our calf crop through a local feedlot has provided us invaluable performance information on our calves and allowed us to witness first hand, the genetic improvement in performance and carcass merit that Triangle J bulls bring to the table. Darby and the gang have

Jeff & Nanette, Bart & Shana
Mekenzie, Mattie & Bart Jr.

definitely developed a sound breeding program that fits the commercial cattlemen�s operation.

Triangle J has continued to provide our operation with sound support and dedication to providing one of the best genetic breeding packages available. Congratulations to Triangle J and thanks for your dedication to the beef industry!

FL Beattie, Inc.
Bart & Jeff Beattie

We purchased TJ Black Explosion 15A in 1992 from Triangle J Ranch looking for Carcass Merit bloodlines. Observing calves prior to 1992 we needed our calves to grade higher. TJ Black Explosion did just that in addition to producing great females. Since that time we have purchased additional bulls on a regular basis. We are pleased with the longevity of Triangle J Ranch bulls and the number of cows settled per year.

In 2002 we purchased a son of Nichols Black Destiny D12 from Triangle J Ranch. The first offspring of that bull won the 2004 Nebraska Cattlemen's Retail Value Steer Challenge. The steer had a 66% yield, 16.4 rib eye area and a $3.57 gain in value per day. With these facts Triangle J Ranch's

Doug and Jason Keiser

breeding program is on the right direction with genetics. This works great in my retained ownership program.

With the support and dedication of Triangle J Ranch we will continue to use Triangle J's genetics.

Flying K Simmentals
Doug, Vickie, Tiffany, & Jason Keiser

As President of KAAPA, I have used the phrase, �value-added� many times. Does valueadded have a different meaning when purchasing cattle? I don�t think so. I have purchased bulls from the Triangle-J Ranch nearly every year. They have added value to our cattle operation in many ways. First, and I believe the most important, is production evidence. Darby�s bulls lead in production characteristics that make money. Live calves, average daily gain, and carcass values lead the way, returning value to our ranch. This is why, when we need bulls, we are at Darby�s sale. For you that have already bought his bulls, you know this, as well as how well he backs his bulls.

See you at the Triangle-J sale.

Paul Kenney Family

Paul Kenney
Paul Kenney Family

We purchased our first Triangle J Ranch bull in 1997 and have been a customer ever since. Running 700 head of commercial Angus and Simmental-Angus cross cows in the Nebraska Sandhills, one comes to appreciate the foresight and direction Darby has incorporated in his breeding program�developing calving ease, structural correctness, fleshing ability, all within a moderate frame package.

The last five years we have enrolled our calves in the �Nebraska Corn Fed Beef� Program. We appreciate the growth, uniformity and excellent carcass traits exhibited by these Simmental sired calves.

Sallie, Al, Terra & Tessa 

Triangle J Ranch does an excellent job of developing these young bulls on a growing ration. The bulls seem to maintain their weight through the first breeding season. We use purebred and lower percentage bulls and like the fact that Darby offers both in his sale.

We had the fortune of providing the Aksarben �Catch A Calf� calves the last two years. Several of the calves that did well were sired by Triangle J bulls.

Al Ranch Company
Halsey, Nebraska

Since purchasing our first Triangle J bull in 1995, we have continued to expand the use of Triangle J bred bulls in our herd. Nearly three fourths of the bulls running on our ranch have been purchased in the last 5 years since that first purchase. We are especially impressed by the growth and structural correctness of the calves sired by these Simmental bulls. The calves hit the ground strong and don�t stop growing. Another benefit we have received is greater uniformity. Darby has a strong sense of direction and discipline in his breeding program, combined with generations of black on black matings. As a result we have made progress in producing the uniform confirmation black cattle desired by buyers at the sale barn.

Greg, Evan, Alec & Emily Ibach

The Triangle J service doesn�t stop at the bull sale. Darby has assisted in recruiting buyers for our cattle over the years. We also work closely with Darby and Annette within our heifer development program. The assistance with semen selection and sales has been very beneficial as we have watched the quality and uniformity of our replacement heifers increase under Darby�s guidance.

We appreciate the working partnership we have with the Line�s Triangle J Ranch and would highly recommend their genetics to serious cattlemen across cattle country.

Greg Ibach
Sumner, Nebraska

Hadwiger Cattle Excel when Marketed on the Grid

Ron and Matt Hadwiger have approximately 400 cows in their cow/ calf operation and feed 400-500 calves in their feedlot north of Amherst, Nebraska. Within their herd, they utilize Black Simmental and Angus bulls that are annually purchased from Triangle J Ranch. They currently run twelve bulls of both breeds. This is the 10th year in a row that they have pur chased bulls from Triangle J Ranch.

Ron and Matt Hadwiger have utilized Triangle J Black Simmental and Angus genetics that are mated to a black based crossbred cowherd in order to produce black calves. These calves are fed at home until market ready and

Four generations of Hadwigers
Ty, Matt, Melvin and Ron 

then are marketed on a value based marketing system.

Last year, the Hadwigers participated in the Triangle J Ranch to Rail program at Platte Valley Feeders in Kearney, Nebraska. They had 21 steers on test and the results were extremely impr essivein both feedlot performance and on the rail. The cattle graded 87% Choice. Also, 86.5% of the cattle yield graded #1 and #2. While in the feedlot for 155 days, this set of steers compiled an average daily gain of 4.2 pounds.

Besides the success through Triangle J Ranch to Rail program, Hadwigers sold 150 head of Triangle J bred steer calves on the Gelbvieh Grid through Monfort Packing in Grand Island, Nebraska. On this set of cattle, 98% graded Choice and produced a $3.00/cwt in car cass or $30/ head premium when mark eted on this grid that awarded Choice grading cattle.

Congratulations to the Hadwigers on their success with Triangle J Genetics!

Four generations of Hadwigers
Ty, Matt, Melvin and Ron 2000

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